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Introduction to the Company

Employers Duty of Care

ATS 4x4 Off Road Safety Awareness Course

British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA) Syllabus

BORDA- Basic Level Training

BORDA- Standard Level Training

BORDA- Higher Level Training

Assessments & Certificates of Competence

ATV Quad Bike Handling

B + E Trailer Training

Vehicle Mounted Winch Training

Fleet Driver Assessments

Introduction to the Company

4x4 training for work from All terrain ServicesAll Terrain Services is one of the most experienced nationwide Off-Road operators in the country. All Terrain Services is an accredited member of the British Off Road Driving Association upholding their Codes of Practice to maintain the highest standards.

All Terrain Services events are authorised under Statute 1371 of The Road Traffic Act 1992/1995 (Off Road Driving Regulations).

We provide professional training to organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, BBC, TRANSCO, British Red Cross, Vodafone, The Environment Agency, Local Authorities and Emergency Services.

With extensive training centre locations nationwide, we are capable of satisfying nationwide requirements on a local basis. Alternatively, we are able to conduct training at your site or venue.

Standard, nationally recognised courses exist or tailor made solutions can be offered. Please contact us 01792 862669 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Employers Duty of Care

It is a legal requirement to provide adequate training in both the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

Every employer has a responsibility to train his or her staff and driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle off road is no exception. The techniques used are very different from on road.

To satisfy these demands, we offer several levels of training, all carried out by highly experienced instructors accredited with the British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA).

All training events are authorised under statute 1371 of the Road Traffic Act 1992.

As well as covering an employer’s legal requirements many of our customers have told us they see benefits from training such as

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services
  • Reduced accident rates.
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Reduced repair costs.
  • Reduced down time.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity.

Avoid this situation
Get All Terrained!

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ATS 4x4 Off Road Safety Awareness Course

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

This one day course gives the opportunity to understand how 4 wheel drive systems work and experience the vehicles operating in true off road conditions.

Whether driving for business or pleasure the knowledge and skills gained on this course can be used to ensure that vehicles are being driven properly, reducing maintenance and repair costs and improving safety.

All general aspects of off road driving are covered including, observation and ground reading, hill starts and stops, ascents and descents, ridges, ditches and ruts together with failed hill climb recovery techniques.

With up to three attendees per instructor, this course is exceptionally good value and will suit those who want comprehensive training but do not need an accredited certificate. Attendees receive our course notes and certificate of attendance.

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British Off Road Driving Association (BORDA) Syllabus

BORDA Basic Level Training

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

A half-day course for 2 drivers ideally suited to those faced with milder off road situations who work on firm ground with gentle slopes and established tracks. The syllabus includes, explanation and inspection of the vehicle, its limitations and specialist controls.

Basic driving includes starting / stopping on gentle slopes, hazard awareness, correct use of controls and securing the vehicle.

This course would suit employees working at one site with mild and consistent off road conditions.

Nationally accredited certificates will be awarded.

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BORDA Standard Level Training

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

This one-day course covers the associations’ standard syllabus of basic off road driving techniques, Health and Safety issues and 4-wheel drive systems. It is intended for occasional off road driving in moderate and potentially slippery conditions.

The day starts with a classroom briefing on the 4 wheel drive systems, followed by an initial demonstration drive by the instructor. Each trainee will then take turns to drive the vehicle, gaining experience and confidence as the day progresses.

The instructor will be improving the trainee's ability to assess each situation and to handle the vehicle in a safe and competent way.

We will also explain the limitations of the vehicle and expect the trainee to be able to judge the suitability of a route for driving.

The course is limited to two attendees per instructor, but a multiple of instructors are possible.

Nationally accredited certificates will be awarded to successful trainees and everyone will be given course notes.

In addition a formal assessment is available as a measure of competence.

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BORDA Higher Level Training

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

A two day course covering all of the basic and standard levels plus an explanation of the various 4 wheel drive systems available, specialist driving techniques, self recovery, route planning, the environment and Health and Safety issues associated with driving off road on steep and slippery slopes.

This advanced level covers most situations likely to be encountered in driving cross-country and is particularly important for those working alone and in slippery conditions with significant slopes.

Situations that can be sorted easily on road can be very hazardous when tackled off road, for example changing a wheel in soft mud needs very careful planning or starting to slide on a steep slippery hill needs new skills and confidence

The course is structured to be progressive with ample time allowed for attaining high skill levels. We would expect all attendees to attain a good knowledge of their vehicle, be able to assess each situation safely and be able to drive off road in a safe and competent way with minimum strain on vehicle, passengers, load and environment.

It is BORDA’ s recommendation that those with no previous experience attend at 2:1 ratio and those with the some previous experience may attend a 3:1 ratio. Attendees will be awarded a nationally accredited certificate; all attendees will be given course notes.

In addition a formal assessment is available resulting in successful candidates qualifying to City & Guilds / NPTC NVQ Level 2

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Formal Assessments

Formal assessments are usually an independent procedure carried out after training to measure competence and understanding of the subject.

Assessment may also be used as periodic check that the skills gained from previous training and life experiences are maintained to an acceptable standard.

Our assessors are registered and verified by the following accrediting bodies:

BORDA accredited member
IOPD accredited member
City & Guilds NPTC Assessors

It is also possible for us to provide combined training and assessment courses, which give greater feedback on improvements and new skill levels, than an attended only course.

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ATV Quad Bike Handling

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

An All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is like no other vehicle; it feels like a bike yet handles like a car. It offers incredible traction yet little protection, although used extensively in the outdoor world operators are rarely trained, this can be an awkward position to defend if things go wrong. Whether you have a sit astride quad bike or a sit in ATV we can tailor a course to meet your needs.

We can use our equipment and training grounds or travel to your location using your own ATV.

If we use a clients ATV they must be fully insured for the event and properly maintained, Full P.P.E. equipment must be supplied for each trainee, including an approved safety helmet. Every ATV will have a thorough safety check before training starts and unsafe, badly maintained machines will not be used. Make sure each machine has a handbook available, as it is essential to have the tyres inflated to manufacturers recommendation.

ATV Safety Awareness Course

The course starts with a detailed look at the way the ATV works and the basic maintenance required to keep them in a safe and reliable condition. After the theory session you start driving on level ground, gradually advancing to gentle hills and then on to side slopes, ditches, gullies and steeper hills, finishing with a safari drive around the training grounds.

This one-day course can accommodate up to 4 riders per instructor and satisfies an employer’s legal obligation to provide adequate training. Each trainee will receive a certificate of attendance and users guide.

If the training needs to include loads, implements and trailer towing/reversing this can be covered in the one day course although it will be necessary to reduce the number of riders to 3 max per instructor/course

Whether you have a sit astride quad bike or a sit in ATV we can tailor a course to meet your needs.

British Off Road Driving Association

ATV Stage one Training

For those that require a nationally recognised Health and Safety certificate, we offer a one-day basic handling course following an accredited syllabus. This is more intensive than our attended course and BORDA limits attendance to 2 trainees per machine available. (max of 4 if 2 machines used) Each Attendee receives a BORDA certificate for basic handling and a users guide

A follow on module for loads, implements and trailers is available for those requiring it.

If attendees are experienced it may be possible to include this module in the one-day course .If attendees are novice riders it will require a second day to complete this module.

An enhanced certificate is issued by BORDA on completion of this module

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Vehicle Mounted Winch Training

4x4 training for work from All terrain Services

Vehicles are fitted with winches for various reasons such as

  • Recovery of broken down or abandoned vehicles
  • Self recovery of own bogged vehicles
  • Cable drawing
  • Overhead line erection
  • Tree felling
  • Recovery of boats and trailers
  • Mountain, Mine, Coastal Casualty recovery

Whatever your winching task it needs to be accomplished safely and competently. We can tailor a course for you exact training needs using your equipment or ours.

General Winch Safety Awareness Course

A one-day course for up to 4 operators covering

Winch types and selection, ancillary equipment and inspections, basic winch safety, hand signals and practical training scenarios including basic, straight and angled pulls together with the used of snatch block and pulley on mild terrain.

Attendees receive a certificate and course notes

Winch Operators Training Course

A two day course for up to 4 operators covering all of the awareness course plus a wide variety of scenarios including more complex rigging and difficult access situations including fixed natural anchor points and portable ground anchors together with re rigging exercises on more varied surfaces and gradients.

Attendees receive a certificate and course notes

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Fleet Driver Training and Assessments

Many companies and organisations now conduct Driver Training or Assessment in an effort to manage occupational road risk, and reduce the likelihood of personal injury, vehicle accidents and insurance claims, and also to limit vehicle abuse and repairs through lack of understanding, situations that may warrant attention are

  • Young or inexperienced drivers improving general road skills.
  • Young or inexperienced drivers being inducted to larger, heavier or more specialist vehicles
  • Assessment and corrective training following accidents / complaints

All Terrain Services are able to work with Employers, HR, Fleet; Training and Safety departments to establish training needs, design programmes and implement effective training. In the following driving disciplines

  • Licence acquisition
  • Advanced /Defensive Driving
  • Skid Control
  • Security Driving
  • Evasive Driving
  • Diplomatic Protection
Please contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements 01792 862669

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